Leading the way by cooperating

The eXomodal platform is the in-between software system between your TMS and ControlTowers or other localization software.


The aim of the platform is to let you control what data is given to other parties. This platform is installed on-premise so you as owner of your data are also in control of your data.


The eXomodal platform lets you keep your control on data while making a next step in your cooperation with customers:




As a transporter you want to provide transparency to your customer on whereabouts of a shipment (GPS locations), but to a certain extend.

When multiple shipments of different customers are transported, you do not want to provide details on in-between stops


Customers do not need to be aware of switching trucks during the transport

Your data stays in-house


Only relevant transports are communicated to customers. When the transport ends, data communication stops as well


Depending upon the customer different less or more detail in information can be provided

Communicate the ETA you want, in stead of letting another party give their estimation on the arrival of a transport, thereby not taking into account others stops or breaks


At eXomodal we believe that software in logistics can do a much better job to stimulate the creativity of employees to find solutions that are out of the box. We think that logistics can operate a lot smarter by combining data from multiple sources and presenting it in an intuitive manner to give intelligent feedback. Our data scientists combine knowledge of math, statistics and software engineering skills to build products that analyse data in real-time to automate processes and take all your hassle away.


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